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Peter Gill

Experienced electricians in Griffith providing professional electrical work

Peter Gill

Electrical work is something you can't take a chance with - be it in your home or your workplace. That's why you need a capable, experienced, and professional company like Peter Gill Electrical to certify your building electrically. For wiring and equipment that works, give Peter a ring today.

Peter Gill Electrical is certified and licensed with a proud reputation for providing high-quality electrical work. We are a family-owned business that has been based in Griffith for several years, offering a great range of professional electrical work.

We cover all industrial, rural and commercial buildings, and our team of fully trained and qualified electricians will install, repair and maintain electrical equipment, making sure that it's safe to operate. Don't DIY it, leave it to the certified professionals!

Huge range of services

Wiring and connections for new buildings
Solar metering and final connection of solar to meter
Rewiring and repairing for old buildings and equipment
All industrial, commercial and rural electrical work
Lighting and power point repairs

Don't wait to get a nasty shock, call Peter Gill Electrical today on 0408 644 180 for a free quote and more information!

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